Welcome to the MD of Peace No. 135

Welcome to the Municipal District of Peace  No. 135, an agricultural based municipality located along the north bank of the Peace River, approximately 500km northwest of Edmonton, and approximately 150km northeast of Grande Prairie.

The Municipal District has an area of 92,610 hectares and encompasses the Village of Berwyn and the Town of Grimshaw.  The Municipality extends from the west boundary of the Town of Peace River to 4 miles west of the Hamlet of Brownvale, which is managed by the Municipality.

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  • News & Announcements


      The M.D. of Peace is accepting applications from individuals who may be interested in serving on any of these boards: Agricultural Service Board Co-operative Library Board Development Appeal Board Application forms are available online or in the M.D. office and must be submitted to the Municipal District office in Berwyn no later than 4:30 p.m. on Read More

      The Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO) has received reports that enterprises are offering to buy surface leases from landowners. This is being promoted as a means of eliminating a perceived risk of landowners not receiving their annual compensation. The FAO strongly cautions landowners to consider these possible implications of selling their surface leases to enterprises: Recourse Read More
    • Eyes & Ears in the Community: A How-to Guide for Citizens on Reporting Crimes and Suspicious Activities

      There are 3 steps to follow: 1. Observe:  know what to watch for 2. Report:    call Police 3. Record:   write it down For examples of what to watch for, indicators of possible illegal drug productions,  and more guidelines, please click on this link:  Eyes and Ears in the Community

      You might be aware that the M.D. of Peace began a full-ditch mowing program in 2015 for better weed control, for maintaining the local roads properly and for safer road travel. Brushing, landscaping and rock picking are part of the mowing process. Rock picking from the M.D. road ditches will be completed in 4-5 years. Read More

      The M.D. office now accepts payments by MasterCard, Visa and Interac as well as cheque or cash.