Municipal District of Peace No. 135 Cannabis FAQ
Cannabis Legalization
The Government of Canada has introduced legislation to legalize cannabis. There will be new federal, provincial and municipal processes for cannabis production, sale and consumption.

The legalization of cannabis will have many impacts. Your municipal government is reviewing federal and provincial direction and legislation as it becomes available, to help manage the legalization of cannabis in the best interest of our community.

What is cannabis?
Cannabis is a broad term used to describe the various products derived from the leaves, flowers and resins of the cannabis plants. These products exist in various forms and are used for different purposes (e.g. medical, recreational, industrial).

Today, possessing and selling cannabis for non-medical purposes is still illegal everywhere in Canada. However, the federal Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations allow for reasonable access to cannabis for medical purposes for Canadians who’ve been authorized to use cannabis for medical purposes by their health care practitioner.

Where will Cannabis be able to be purchased in the M.D. of Peace No. 135?
The Government of Alberta’s Bill 26, An Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis, will allow for two kinds of retail sales in Alberta: privately operated retail stores and government operated online retail. The location and development of privately operated retail stores will be regulated through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) and the Municipal District of Peace No. 135.

The Municipal District of Peace No. 135 is considering an amendment to the land use bylaw to enable and regulate the development of cannabis retail stores within the Municipal District of Peace No. 135. The AGLC will be responsible for regulating cannabis retail stores. Through this licencing process, the Province of Alberta has established a number of regulations controlling the development of these stores, including:

a minimum separation distance from certain types for uses;
Premises requirements;
Store hours, and
Limitations on the type and substance of signs.
The Municipal District of Peace No. 135 has the responsibility to enable and regulate the development of cannabis retail stores through the land use bylaw.

What are the requirements of the M.D. of Peace No. 135?
The Municipal District of Peace No. 135 is developing an amendment to its land use bylaw to regulate and enable cannabis retail stores and cannabis production facilities. The draft bylaw can be viewed on the Municipal District of Peace No. 135 webpage.

What are the regulations established by the AGLC?
A retail cannabis store may not be located within 100 metres of:

a provincial health care facility;
a school; and
a parcel of land designated as school reserve.
Retail store requirements
The retail location must have:

a point-of-sale area;
a shipping/receiving area that is separate from other businesses;
a secure storage area;
an alarm system;
a video surveillance system; and
a secure product display.
Premises requirements include:

a sales area;
a separate entrance/exit;
product receiving capability;
secure storage room and display for cannabis and accessories (see Section 3.3); and
no access from any area of the premises to another business.
It is prohibited to have visibility into the store from the outside.

Drive-through windows are prohibited.

A retail cannabis store cannot undertake major structural changes or be relocated without the prior approval of the AGLC.

The licensee must have the legal right to occupy and control the facility or premises in which it is located.

The primary sales of a retail cannabis store must be cannabis product sales.

Store Hours
Store hours may not open earlier than 10 a.m. or later than 2 a.m.

Store Names and Signs

Each retail cannabis store must have a distinct business name, approved by the AGLC, reflecting the nature of the business, and is not registered by another business interest.
Use of the term “Alberta” or “AGLC” is prohibited in a store name.
The business name is to be prominently displayed in signage at all public access points of the retail cannabis store.
Signage and contents must comply with all federal, provincial and municipal requirements.
Signage must be in good taste and not depict a lifestyle, endorsement, person, character or animal.
Signage may not promote intoxication. Terms and images such as, but not limited to, “chronic,” “stoned” or “high” are not permitted.
Signage that claims beneficial health effects, or makes a statement regarding increased potency or concentration are not permitted.
Sign(s) or identification may not include graphics which:
appeal to minors;
show the use of cannabis;
display intoxication;
display or identify a cannabis product or accessory;
display a price or indicate a price advantage; or
display any sporting or cultural event or activity.
Where will Cannabis be able to be consumed in the M.D. of Peace No. 135?
The province is proposing to allow for consumption in cannabis in homes as well as, some public areas where smoking tobacco is allowed. Consumption of both tobacco and cannabis will be restricted in areas frequented by children, hospitals and schools. Consumption of cannabis will also be banned in vehicles.

Will advertising be allowed?
The federal government has proposed strict rules about advertising, labelling and packaging cannabis. Restrictions on cannabis advertising and packaging will generally mirror what is in place for tobacco.

Will the sale of edibles be allowed?
The federal government intends to allow for the sale of edible products. However, until further information is gathered the sale edible cannabis products will not be legal.

Will residents of the M.D. of Peace No. 135 be allowed to grow their own cannabis?
Each resident will be allowed to grow up to four (4) cannabis plants with a maximum height of 100 cm.

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