e-Transfer is Now Available to MD of Peace Ratepayers

Why use Interac e-Transfers?

  • It’s easy.  All a client needs is the M.D.’s email address: m.d.peace135@outlook.comNo password necessary. No exchanging of bank account numbers or other sensitive information is required.
  • It’s fast.  Once they hit send, Interac will verify the transaction (usually within minutes, but sometimes up to one hour).  The M.D. will then get an email letting them know an Interac e-Transfer is waiting to be deposited.
  • It’s secure.  The transfer takes place with the same high level of security and safety as every ATB Online Business banking transaction.
  • It saves time and money.  No more cheques or relying on snail mail.

Interac e-Transfer is only available to send or receive funds in CAD from any financial institution enrolled with Interac e-Transfer within Canada.  Check with your financial institution to see how the process is done.  e-Transfers can be sent and received 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.