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If you are renting out your residential property, please pass the yellow card on to your renter. Or if you have multiple homes that are being rented and require a card for that residence or you have not received your card, please contact the office at 780-338-3845.

Residents must present their yellow card when going to any of the transfer stations and the Regional site.

Residents can haul their garbage to the following transfer stations:

Grimshaw Tuesdays & Wednesdays 12 pm – 8 pm
Saturdays 9 am – 5 pm
Warrensville Saturdays 1 pm – 5 pm
Weberville Tuesdays 1 pm – 9 pm
Saturdays 9 am – 5 pm


Regional Site is located North of Grimshaw on Range Road 242A

operational Monday – Friday 11 am – 5 pm


Tires, Batteries, Farm Chemical Containers, Domestic waste and burnables are accepted at all the transfer stations and can be placed in designated areas.

Please ensure Farm Chemical Containers have been triple rinsed and all

caps and paper booklets have been removed.

Grain bags can be taken to Fairview landfill for recycling, bags MUST be relatively clean, rolled and tied tight. If they are dirty, they can be taken to the regional site as garbage at $55 per MT tonne.

Grimshaw, Manning/North Star and Weberville also accept white metals.

–          $30 for refrigeration units and $10 for any other units.

Grimshaw, Manning/North Star, Weberville and Dixonville has special bins for recycling electronics, paint and household hazardous wastes.

There are tables/facilities where the public has the option to put and take from at no charge.

The MD along with Long Lake Regional Waste Management Services Commission encourage all residents to utilize the recycling bins in Berwyn for your recycling items such as paper, cardboard, glass and tin cans.

For more information about what is accepted and the transfer stations and regional site please visit http://longlakeregionalwaste.com/  or call 1-780-971-2200


Since early 2019, MD Council and staff have been working on a Provincial Government directive that was intended to compensate neighboring municipalities for services they provide to MD residents.  For the most part, these services are recreational in nature (swimming pool, ice arena, parks etc.) but can also include cultural and community support services.  The MD has consistently in the past paid for these services from our neighbors through negotiated settlements.  With the introduction of the Provincial directive, we were forced into reopening negotiations with all the municipalities that border the MD of Peace.  The negotiations and subsequent agreements went very well with all our neighbors with the exception of the Town of Peace River.  Over the past 2 ½ years, we have been negotiating with the Town to come up with an equitable agreement.  Unfortunately, we were unable to come to terms with the Town and were forced into arbitration with them.  After a lengthy process, the arbitrator’s decision was announced on November 12.  Although the arbitration award was significantly less than what the Town was asking for, it was also significantly more than we have been paying in the past.  The MD must pay a % of annual net expenditures and some capital life cycle costs for these areas in the Town: spray park, playing fields, trails, ski hill, pool, multiplex arena, rec admin, museum, Athabasca Hall, FCSS, parks and playgrounds and the amount to be paid will vary each year. The Town’s ask and the arbitrator’s award estimate shown here are based on 2019 expenses:

  • 2021 funding amount paid by the MD          $  80,000
  • Peace River’s final ask                                         $743,000
  • Arbitrator’s award                                                 $386,000

As you can see, these are serious numbers that greatly affect the MD’s bottom line.  Because of this, additional financial pressures will be incurred by the MD.  I want all the residents of the MD to know that we are working very hard to mitigate the impacts of this situation.  I encourage any resident who has concerns about this to reach out to any of the councilors or myself:

Bob Willing                780-625-7867               rwilling@mdpeace.com
Sandra Eastman      780-618-3808               seastman@mdpeace.com
Ken Herlinveaux      780-617-4256               kherlinveaux@mdpeace.com
Theresa Johnson     780-618-1502              tjohnson@mdpeace.com
Lori Kinnee                 780-597-2296              lkinnee@mdpeace.com


Final Award issued November 12 2021 

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      Long Lake Regional Waste Management Services Commission FALL RESIDENTIAL CLEANUP Week of September 26 to October 1 For this week only Free Drop off of White Metals at the Grimshaw, North Star/Manning, Weberville Transfer Stations & Regional Site   Extended Hours Grimshaw Transfer Station Hours for this week: Monday to Friday – 12 noon to Read More
    • AAAF Memorial Bursary – Application Deadline is September 1, 2022

      The bursary is intended for students continuing their education at a College or University. Students must be enrolled in an agricultural or environmental science program.  There is a $1000 bursary available in each calendar year for each of the 5 provincial regions of the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen. An Agricultural Fieldman in good standing with Read More
    • Burn Permits are required form April 1st to October 31st

      The MD of Peace No. 135 requires Burning Permits from April 1st to October 31st each year in certain areas of the municipality.  If you are unsure if you require a permit, please contact the office and staff will be happy to assist you. You are encouraged to…. notify MD office two weeks prior to Read More

      CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER   The Municipal District of Peace No. 135 is located in the beautiful Peace region, with ample opportunity for fishing, hunting, camping, golfing and numerous winter activities. With a current population of 1,581, the Municipal District is an agricultural based rural municipality with a mix of oil and gas development, industrial development, Read More
    • Fireworks Permits are required

      The MD requires that Fireworks Permits be obtained from the MD office for anyone wishing to discharge fireworks within the boundaries of the MD of Peace. Application MUST be received at least 3 days prior to the requested date. The person applying for the permit must be at least 18 years of age, fireworks cannot Read More