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On September 23,2020 we will be having a water meter installed at the water plant in Brownvale. The water will be shut off for 1/2 hour at 10:00 am then again at 3:00 pm for 1/2 hour. If any problems should occur they could possible shut the water off again after supper. If you have any questions please feel free to call the office at (780)338-3845.


August 24, 2020 Update


In the past year, Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions have advocated on behalf of seed and chemical companies in round table discussions with the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry to remove Fusarium from the Alberta Pest Act which to date, has mandated a zero tolerance for Fusarium in Alberta. This meant that Alberta farmers were not allowed to plant wheat and barley seed known to be infected by Fusarium. Seed cleaning plants primarily in the northern municipalities of the province have required producers to have wheat and barley tested for fusarium prior to having it cleaned to reduce the chance of planting infected seed. Municipalities diligent about enforcing this portion of the Pest Act have managed to keep most municipalities north of Edmonton free of Fusarium. In May, Minister Devin Dreeshen announced that based on these round table discussions, he was removing Fusarium from the Pest Act thus allowing farmers to plant infected seed in municipalities that are thus far uninfected and further spread this devastating disease that renders wheat and barley poisonous to humans and animals at certain levels.


In an effort to inform both Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley of the concern Northern Alberta producers have with the lack of support from both Commissions, The MD of Peace Agricultural Service Board is recommending all wheat and barley producers in uninfected municipalities request their check-offs back and advise the Commissions in the comments section of their requests that the request for refund is being made as a result of the lack of support provided by the Commissions in maintaining our Fusarium free areas. These producers should also pressure the Commissions to support the producers of uninfected wheat and barley in obtaining a premium for their more valuable product. Producers can reinforce this message by requesting a refund of their check-off every 6 months and will ultimately be paid for their efforts in relation to the quantity of the wheat and barley sold. If you require check-off forms or further information, please contact the MD of Peace Manager of Ag Services, Nasar Iqbal, at 780-338-3845 or 780-219-4534. There is a deadline for the current check-off forms of August 31, 2020.

Please follow the links below for the check-off forms.

ABC Refund App Form 2020_V2

AWC _Refund Form


May 26, 2020 Update

MD of Peace Office

The MD Office doors are open, however, if would be appreciated that if you require a meeting with a member of staff, please phone 780-338-3845 to make an appointment.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as a cough, fever, fatigue, or shortness of breath, please DO NOT come into the office for an appointment – please  make alternate arrangements, and please call Health Link at #811 for medical assistance.


April 14, 2020 Update


The MD of Peace is only providing links to Government of Alberta and Government of Canada  COVID-19 information in order to keep you up to date with the most current details that have been legitimately sourced.








Advisory:  FAO Cautions Landowners about the Surface Rights Board (SRB) use of a “Condition of Leased Area Form”

The Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO) has been contacted by numerous landowners regarding a form sent to landowners or occupants who have applied for recovery of unpaid rentals to the Surface Rights Board (SRB).  If you have applied to the SRB for a Section 36 Recovery of Rentals, the SRB may send you a “Condition of Leased Area Form” for you to complete about the condition of the leased area.

For more information, click here.


As per MD of Peace’s Clubroot of Canola Policy, random testing for clubroot was conducted on canola fields within the MD.  One sample tested positive for DNA of the clubroot pathogen with no galls present on the root sample.  Immediate adjacent landowners and producers are being notified.  Further testing is being done as per our Clubroot of Canola Policy.  For more information, please contact our Manager of Ag Services, Nasar Iqbal at 780-338-3845.

MD Clubroot of Canola Policy

Clubroot Infection and Spread pamphlet

Alberta Ag Clubroot Management Plan

Ditch Brushing

The MD of Peace Public Works Department is busy brushing ditches. If any residents wish to preserve fruit trees/bushes on the back slope of the ditch, please mark the trees or bushes with orange flagging tape and contact the MD office at 780-338-3845 so we can pass the information on to Public Works staff.

Reminder from TransCanada Energy

Several times a year TransCanada Energy finds that landowners have brushed and ditched over high pressure pipelines without authorization posing great danger to themselves and the public.  TransCanada is reaching out with the hope that sharing information may prevent an accidental line strike.

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      The MD of Peace Library Board meets quarterly with representation from the Peace River Library, Grimshaw Library, Berwyn Library and Brownvale Library. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, September 29th at 7 pm in the Brownvale Recreation Centre. If you require further information or would like to make a presentation, please contact Chair Sandra Read More
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    • Fall Fence Line Spray Program – sign up by Aug 31, 2020

      The Fall Fence Line Spray Program is underway to control Noxious Weeds along private fence lines. The MD will also continue with the existing program to control noxious weeds in the ditches adjacent to MD roads. Weed control work performed on fence lines adjacent to Municipal roads will be done on a first come first Read More

      Did You Know??? that if you need to burn some old wood, a brush pile, grass, etc., you need to contact the MD office prior to doing so? You are required to obtain a permit if you burn in the Fire Permit Area  between April 1 to October 31. If you do not live in Read More