You might be aware that the M.D. of Peace began a full-ditch mowing program in 2015 for better weed control, for maintaining the local roads properly and for safer road travel. Brushing, landscaping and rock picking are part of the mowing process. Rock picking from the M.D. road ditches will be completed in 4-5 years. We have observed that some of our producers are pushing rocks or other debris into ditches from fencelines or from other places, especially where we have already picked rocks. This practice results in damage to M.D. equipment and will lead to higher maintenance expenditures. M.D. residents are advised that if they have already piled rocks along fencelines and need help removing them, to contact the Agricultural Fieldman or Public Works Foreman and they would be happy to work out a proper solution to dispose of those rocks. Please DO NOT push rocks or other debris into ditches. M.D. residents are encouraged to report to the M.D. office anyone seen dumping rocks and debris into ditches. Expenses incurred to remove the rocks or debris and/or equipment repair may be charged to respective M.D. landowners. Thanks for your cooperation.