IMPORTANT UPDATE: JIMSONWEED found – Identification – Prevention – Control

Jimsonweed has been found in many Alberta municipalities in and near canola fields, and recently in the Municipal District of Peace No. 135.  All parts of the noxious Jimsonweed plant are toxic to humans and animals;  therefore please be on the lookout and notify Nasar Iqbal, Agricultural Manager at 780-338-3845 or  If you see Jimsonweed, take safety precautions to dispose of it properly:

  • Wear gloves and long sleeves when hand pulling
  • Double bag the plants and take to the landfill
  • Do not compost or burn Jimsonweed as this releases the toxins
  • Do not bale canola stubble for feed in fields where Jimsonweed has been found as it is toxic to livestock

To download/print: Jimsonweed or visit for more information.