Grimshaw’s Book 2 “Land of Hope and Dreams” (1980)


Link to Family Story and give page number in “Land of Hope and Dreams” (1980)

Bring closure to parents’ story, their retirement years

Date of those who passed away – place of burial

Write your ‘Baby Boomer’ Generation story – up to present time

  • Name – husband & wife (with maiden name); or single person
  • When and where each was born, activities growing up
  • When and where they were married
  • Education, job, sports, clubs, church, adventures
  • Involvement in community – volunteering, group activities
  • Those who moved to Grimshaw – from where? Reason for coming
  • Memories of events like fire, drought, windstorm, changes in Town
  • Lifestyle, customs or traditions, retirement activities
  • Children – names, year born and where, education and jobs
  • If married – to whom, when, and info about spouse
  • Any grandchildren? Number of boys or girls.

Photos (jpeg) – of wedding, family with grown children, significant events around the community. (Photos will scanned and returned.)

Please include your contact info: Name, address, phone and email. This will be filed in confidence, so the Committee may contact you for editing purposes if needed, update you about the progress of the Book, and for ordering copies when it is available for sale.