FIRE RESTRICTION ORDER Effective July 22, 2021

FIRE RESTRICTION ORDER Effective July 22, 2021

Not Allowed:

  • Fires of all kinds in backcountry, random camping areas and Crownland
  • Fireworks and exploding targets
  • Controlled burns of large brush piles (must be extinguished immediately)
  • Off Highway Vehicles for recreational purposes are not allowed on Crownland.  This can change dependent on fire orders issued by the provincial Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

Allowed with Extreme Caution:

  • Safe wood campfires in backyard fire pits and campgrounds open to the public
  • Burning barrel with wire mesh lid is permitted at a minimum distance of 30m away from structures and 3m away from combustible materials
  • Charcoal Briquettes in approved briquette BBQ receptacles
  • Portable Propane fire pits
  • Gas or propane stoves and barbeques
  • Catalytic or infrared style heaters
  • Wood fires in an enclosed facility or device, which has a chimney with a spark arrestor

THIS FIRE RESTRICTION WILL REMAIN IN PLACE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE AND WILL BE REGULARLY REVIEWED.  IT MAY BE UPGRADED TO A FIRE BAN IF NECESSARY OR DOWNGRADED TO AN ADVISORY. The MD of Peace #135, along with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, will be monitoring conditions including weather conditions and the availability of firefighting crews and resources.

To view all provincial/municipal fire restriction status’ visit the Alberta Fire Ban website at

Never leave a campfire unattended.  Soak it, Stir it, and Soak it again until cool to the touch to ensure it is extinguished.


Permitted: Commercial & agricultural users & Indigenous Peoples practicing traditional use are able to continue to use OHVs; however, these users still must take extra precautions such as carrying firefighting equipment and are encouraged to limit OHV use as much as possible.

OHVs include:

Quads, side x sides, dirt bikes, 4×4 jeeps, pickup trucks or sport utility vehicles.