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The MD of Peace No. 135 has initiated the process of developing a Recreation Master Plan. Active community involvement and participation is a cornerstone of the plan process. This will ensure that the final plan reflects the unique situation and aspirations of our community. In 2020, MD staff mailed a questionnaire on recreation and other municipal services to all ratepayers. This was the first opportunity for residents to tell us about their recreational needs, priorities and concerns. Thank you for your input!              Click here to see results of the first survey.

To further the plan process, we are inviting residents and stakeholders to participate in a second survey. Survey II is aimed at offering the public and other stakeholders the opportunity to provide additional input that would further assist in establishing key directions for the plan. The survey can be completed in a few minutes! Please click the proper link below to complete the survey as a resident or a stakeholder.

Thank you in advance for your input! The results of both surveys will be published here after the survey closes. Once the draft Recreation Master Plan document is prepared, residents will be given another opportunity to provide feedback, before the document is finalized and formally presented to Council.

More information about the Recreation Master Plan and the process of developing it are below.

What is the Recreation Master Plan?

Nestled within the Peace Country in northwest Alberta, the Municipal District Peace No. 135 is a beautiful rural municipality with a population of about 1,747, spanning an area of approximately 92,488 hectares. The area’s impressive natural beauty, scenery, wildlife and rich history, combined with the presence of amenities such as campgrounds and parks, and proximity to urban centres such as Berwyn, Grimshaw and Peace River, provides a unique blend of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, both local and international. At the same time, however, changing population dynamics, rising maintenance costs amid growing pressures on municipal finances have highlighted the need to prioritize recreation spending in ways that respond to the growing and changing needs and aspirations of residents. Working with the Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency, the MD is developing the Recreation Master Plan to ensure effective planning, management and delivery of recreation services for the community.

The Recreation Master Plan is a long-term document that will provide a shared vision for recreation development in the MD, and provide direction to Council and staff regarding recreation decision-making and spending. The content of the RMP will address issues such as population growth trends, needs assessment, facility provision, operation and maintenance, user experience, funding, and community and stakeholder involvement in project planning and implementation. The RMP will also include specific targets, priority actions and indicators for measuring progress.

 How will this affect me?

The recreation master plan process offers an important avenue for residents and stakeholders to share their concerns, ideas, needs and expectations regarding current and future recreation services. This will help Council and staff to better understand the issues that are of importance to you, and through the RMP:

  • better plan for recreation opportunities based on the needs and aspirations of residents;
  • identify priority issues that need to be addressed over the short, medium and long-term;
  • address barriers to facility utilization and optimization;
  • identify opportunities for effective collaboration and meaningful partnerships with community groups and other stakeholders, including neighbouring municipalities, to enhance the provision and management of recreation opportunities;
  • ensure that tax dollars are spent on facilities and programs that improve the quality of life of residents, while attracting visitors, new residents and business opportunities.


The Recreation Master Plan is a significant project that will take about a year to complete. The key process milestones are outlined below.

get involved!

In addition to the survey and the anticipated open house, you can still participate in the Recreation Master Plan process by submitting your comments, questions, ideas or suggestions through the contact information provided below. Feedback will be received until the final plan is presented to Council.

Komiete Tetteh, Municipal Planner, Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency

Tel: (780)338.3862


In addition, you can also visit this page and/or the MD’s Facebook page for regular project updates and relevant information.

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