Highlights from October 2023 Council Meetings

Council nominates Reeve and Deputy Reeve during Organizational Meeting
During the organizational meeting held on October 24, 2023. Robert Willing was nominated and accepted to continue to serve as Reeve. This is Willing’s 15th year on council and his seventh year as Reeve. Sandra Eastman was nominated and accepted to continue to serve as Deputy Reeve. Eastman has been on council for nine years and is serving her seventh year as Deputy Reeve. 

Water Meter Reader
Council directed administration to purchase a water meter reader and laptop. Effective January 1, 2024, the MD of Peace staff will obtain water meter readings from Brownvale residents.

Tax Penalty Bylaw
Council passed a new Tax Penalty Bylaw (No. 17/2023) that imposes a 10% penalty levied on July 1st and a 1% penalty each month following. This bylaw will come into force on January 15, 2024, and as such, anyone who has taxes outstanding as of January 1, 2024 will still receive the 10% penalty on January 1, 2024 imposed by the previous bylaw. Moving forward for all subsequent years, a 10% penalty will be levied on July 1st and a 1% penalty will be levied on the 1st of each subsequent month that the taxes remain unpaid.

Brownvale Landfill Clean-up
Council directed administration to issue a Request for Proposals for a non-profit group or contractor to remove the plastic bags along the fenceline at the former Brownvale Landfill site.  

Fire Safety Awareness
Following a devastating 2023 fire season in the province, Council directed administration to increase awareness regarding fire safety as a proactive means to educate residents and encourage them to eliminate fire hazards on their property.


Bylaw Officer Resignation
Effective December 31, 2023, the MD of Peace Bylaw officer is retiring, and the MD is actively recruiting for a replacement. 

Land Purchase
Council purchased the following ten parcels of land in order to limit the infrastructure requirements for this subdivision. This purchase gives the MD of Peace control to determine when and if the subdivision will be further developed.

  • Legal Description: 5;22;83;33;SE
  • Plan 1525736 Block 2 Lot 5
  • Plan 1525736 Block 2 Lot 6
  • Plan 1525736 Block 2 Lot 7
  • Plan 1525736 Block 2 Lot 8
  • Plan 1525736 Block 2 Lot 9
  • Plan 1525736 Block 3 Lot 5
  • Plan 1525736 Block 3 Lot 6
  • Plan 1525736 Block 3 Lot 7
  • Plan 1525736 Block 3 Lot 8 

MD of Peace #135 Hosts 2024 Rural Municipalities of Alberta Zone 4 Meeting
The MD of Peace #135 will host the 2024 Rural Municipalities Zone 4 meeting on February 9, 2024. The meeting brings elected municipal officials together to determine priorities for the Zone and advocate jointly on various issues and topics to various divisions of the Provincial Government. 

Council selects Auditor
After reviewing Requests for Proposals submitted by firms to audit the MD of Peace financials, Council approved that JDP Wasserman be retained for financial audit services for the 2023 fiscal year.

Public Hearing/Bylaws
Council passed the second, third and final reading of Bylaw No. 15/2023, redistricting land legally known as Plan 9720451 Block 1 Lot 1, from Rural Industrial to Agricultural District.


Council passed the first reading of Bylaw No. 16/2023, redistricting land legally known as Part of SE-33-83-23-W5, from Agricultural District to Country Residential.

Council passed the first reading of a subdivision of two lots, one located in Highway Commercial District and the other in Service Commercial District located on NW 28-83-22-W5.


Elk Island Park
Representatives from the Elk Island Preservation Group attended the Council meeting and presented a proposal outlining their tentative plans for Council’s consideration. The MD of Peace provides weed control, maintains roads, and liability insurance for the park. Council thanked them for their work and passion to make improvements to the park.