Water Co-operatives

Shaftesbury Water Co-op – This water line is connected to the Town of Peace River’s water supply and extends along Shaftesbury Trail as far as River Lot 18. The contact person is Colin Stone.  He can be reached at 780-219-7777 for anyone wishing information about accessing the water line.

Weberville Water Co-op – extends from the M.D. of Northern Lights into the M.D. of Peace at the east end of the Municipality.  Contact person is Ed MacIntyre and he may be reached at 780-624-2863.

East Grimshaw Water Co-op – this cooperative became operational in 1989 and runs from a well on NW27-83-23-W5.  Services east and south of Grimshaw area.  Contact person is Wendell Whittleton and he may be reached at 780-332-1396.

West Grimshaw Water Co-op – this cooperative runs from the Town of Grimshaw water supply and serves the area to the west and south of Grimshaw.  The contact person is Stella Pimm and she can be reached at 780-338-2285.

Griffin Creek Water Co-op – this cooperative commences from a well on the SE10-82-25-W5 and runs to the south.  The contact person is Brian Grant and he can be reached at 780-597-2244.