Agricultural Service Board

ASB Meetings

Agriculture Service Board Meetings are held on average of four (4) times per year. Copies of the minutes can be found using the link above.

Strategic Planning

In November 2022 the M.D. of Peace Agricultural Service Board updated its Strategic Plan , which lists the goals and strategies of the Ag. Service Board. Please click on the link below in order to view a copy of the 2023 Strategic Plan.

ASB Members

  • Sandra Eastman, Councillor Member & Chairman
  • Lori Kinnee, Councillor Member
  • Judy Bowcott, Member at Large
  • Brian Grant, Member at Large
  • Rick Keillor, Member at Large
  • Jens Kofoed, Member at Large
  • Christi Friesen, Member at Large

The first meeting of the Agricultural Service Board was held in May 1952 and was formed to act as an advisory board to Council on agricultural related matters, such as weed control, pest control, and soil conservation. The Manager of Agricultural Services, an employee of the Municipality, ensures compliance with these Provincial acts: the Weed Control Act, the Soil Conservation Act and the Pest Control Act.

The Board is comprised of two Councillor members and up to 6 members at large from the Municipality. The Board meets every couple of months with the Manager of Agricultural Services, as well as members attending Regional and Provincial ASB Conferences.

If ratepayers of the MD have any questions or concerns relating to agriculture and environment, please feel free to contact the Manager of Agricultural Services, Nasar Iqbal, at 780-338-3845.

At the present time, the following are some of the issues/programs that the ASB handles:

ASB Events, Programs & Articles

Manager of Agricultural Services

Spraying Road Ditches – No Spraying Agreement – MD of Peace

In preparation for the upcoming growing season our ASB is preparing its Agricultural Programs. One of these is the No Spray Program. The No Spray Agreement form must be completed and sent to the Manager of Agricultural Services no later than the end of May each year.

The MD annually sprays municipal road ditches for broadleaf weeds. If you do not wish to have the road ditches adjacent to your property sprayed, you must notify the Municipality by the end of May, and complete a No Spraying Agreement in order to be included in this program.   Property owners are responsible for controlling the noxious and prohibited noxious weeds and brush on the adjacent roadside right of way to the satisfaction of the Manager of Ag Services.

The MD will supply “DO NOT SPRAY” signs to participants of this program and the participants will be responsible for installation at the ends of the area not to be sprayed.

Agreements must be submitted EACH year.

For more information, contact the MD office or Nasar Iqbal, Manager of Ag Services at 780-338-3845. The  No Spraying Agreement is a fillable form.

V.S.I. Services Program

In the mid 1960’s the economics of veterinary practice in northern Alberta did not encourage veterinarians to establish there; in response to this problem, the Alberta Government agreed to establish veterinary clinics in selected areas. The Veterinary Association worked with local governments to establish a system of payment to veterinarians who performed services on farm animals. V.S.I. Services is a non-profit organization that was formed to help assure farmers that veterinary service would be available to them.

The M.D. of Peace pays an annual fee, out of which V.S.I. Services pays the veterinary clinics for 50% of the farmer’s bill for approved services (on cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, bison, elk). Each member Municipality holds a membership in the non-profit organization, as do the participating veterinarians.

The M.D. of Peace provides V.S.I. cards, upon request, to the following:

  • anyone who is a resident of the M.D. of Peace for 6 months
  • landowner in the M.D. of Peace
  • a lessee of a crown grazing lease in the M.D. of Peace

When requesting a V.S.I. card, you must be prepared to give the Municipal staff your Social Insurance Number, as anyone who receives more than $100/year in V.S.I. credit will receive an AGR-1 form from the Municipality which must be claimed on the income tax return.

CAP Environmental Stewardship & Climate Change Producer Program

Efficient Grain Dryer Program – Canadian Agricultural Partnership

The Efficient Grain Dryer Program covers specific energy efficient components of grain dryers, not the dryer as a whole.  For more on this program regarding, EGDP Application Form,  EGDP Funding List – Feb 7, 2020,  EGDP Terms and Conditions – Feb 7, 2020 and more, please see the CAP website at

Farm Energy & Agri-Processing

Solar PV Program

Clubroot of Canola

Clubroot of Canola is a scary thought for producers of the Peace Region. To learn how this disease spread and how it can be managed please watch this video, and see the article linked below.

Clubroot of Canola – Demands Attention of Peace Region’s Producers

Giant Reed

download pdf here: giant_reed_canne_de_provence_1557940067050_eng

Scentless Chamomile

Scentless Chamomile is a noxious weed resembling a daisy, that is spreading rapidly. The emphasis is on control on industrial sites to prevent it from establishing itself on farmland. The Municipality is being very proactive in controlling this noxious weed and requests that everyone keep an eye out for it and notify the municipality if you spot some. The plant differs from oxeye or shasta daisy in that it does not have an actual leaf – the leaf looks like dillweed.


Other Forms and Documents