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(post date: August 8,2019)

July 12, 2019 nine (9) Alberta CAP programs were closed for a review of their terms and conditions. This is notification that the Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change – Group and Producer Programs are now open. The major change is the cost share maximum is now 50% for both programs. The Group Program will have a new intake deadline of September 16, 2019.

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The review also impacted the grant that supported the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP), however that funding has now been approved and EFP will slowly be getting back to normal.

Information provided by Dale Chrapko, Unit Lead – Environmental Programming Unit – Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Exciting changes to the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) Environmental Stewardship & Climate Change (ES&CC) Producer Program

To view these changes in detail,  visit the link above.


Rural Acreage Owner Herbicide Weed Control Program

The MD of Peace No. 135 Agricultural Service Board Rural Acreage Owner Weed Control Program was developed to assist acreage owners with the challenging task of performing weed control on a maximum area of two (2) acres/year. Herbicide applications will be conducted as time permits, with the knowledge that priority is always given to the municipal road right of way program.  The herbicide application cost will be $200/hour.

Click on the link below to be taken to the form:

MD of Peace No.135 Rural Acreage Owner Herbicide Weed Control Program

V.S.I. Program Cap

M.D. Council has approved the Ag. Service Board recommendation to put a spending cap in place for services provided under the V.S.I. Program.  The maximum amount allowable per producer will be $1,800 per year.  Any amount incurred over that will be billed back to the producer.

Clubroot in the Peace Region

If you require further information, please call Nasar Iqbal, Manager of Ag Services at 780-338-3845.

No Spraying Authorization

In preparation for the 2018 growing season our ASB is organizing all summer Agricultural Programs. One of these is the No Spray Program. This program is being updated to ensure effectiveness. The No Spray Agreement forms must be completed and sent to the Manager of Agricultural Services no later than May 29, 2018.

Note that to be included in this program property owners are responsible for controlling the noxious and prohibited noxious weeds and brush on the adjacent roadside right of way. Weeds and brush must be controlled to the satisfaction of the Manager of Ag Services.

Agreements must be submitted EACH year. The MD will supply “DO NOT SPRAY” signs to participants of this program and the participants will be responsible for installation.

For an online copy of the agreement:  Authorization Form No Spraying.

For more information, contact the MD office or Nasar, Manager of Ag Services at 780-338-3845.

Growing Forward 2 On-Farm Energy Management Program – Funding List

Growing Flax and Hemp in the Peace Region

Nasar Iqbal, Manager of Ag Services for the M.D., recently attended a workshop on growing flax and hemp. If you would like further information, please call him at 780-338-3845.

General Awareness for M.D. of Peace Residents

You might be aware that the M.D. of Peace began a full-ditch mowing program in 2015 for better weed control, for maintaining the local roads properly and for safer road travel. Brushing, landscaping and rock picking are part of the mowing process. Rock picking from the M.D. road ditches will be completed in 4-5 years. We have observed that some of our producers are pushing rocks into ditches from fencelines or from other places, especially where we have already picked rocks. This practice results in damage to M.D. equipment and will lead to higher maintenance expenditures. M.D. residents are advised that if they have already piled rocks along fencelines and need help removing them, to contact the Agricultural Fieldman or Public Works Foreman and they would be happy to work out a proper solution to dispose of those rocks. Please DO NOT push rocks into ditches. M.D. residents are encouraged to report to the M.D. office anyone seen dumping rocks into ditches. Expenses incurred to remove the rocks and/or equipment repair may be charged to respective M.D. landowners. Thanks for your cooperation.

M.D. of Peace Full Ditch Mowing and Brushing Program 2015-2018

Date: Feb. 8, 2016

Brushing within the road allowance of the M.D. is being done in order to implement the full ditch mowing program and to allow the roads to be properly maintained. The M.D. should be respectful of the wishes of the adjacent landowners and local residents. Following these brushing Guidelines will be helpful in achieving these goals. To read the full article, please click here:  Full Ditch Mowing Program 2015-2018

MD of Peace No. 135 Fall Fenceline Spray Program

The MD of Peace No. 135 Agricultural Service Board has approved the Fall Fenceline Spray Program to control Noxious Weeds along private fencelines. The MD will also continue with the existing program to control noxious weeds in the ditches adjacent to MD roads. Weed control work performed on fencelines adjacent to Municipal roads will be done on a first come first served basis at no charge.

Adjacent landowners must sign a release to have ClearView+Overdrive, Truvist or Lontreal sprayed along their fencelines for the control of Canada Thistle, Yellow Toadflax, Sow Thistle or Scentless Chamomile (Mayweed).

TO REGISTER for the Fall Spray Program, we require a Release form to be signed. Either come into the Municipal Office to complete or print it off our website and mail, fax or email the completed form into the M.D. office by August 31, . For more information, please phone Nasar at 780-338-3845 or 780-219-4534. Please click on the attachment below to print off a copy of the release form. Fence line Spray Agreement

Commonly Found Noxious Weeds in the M.D. of Peace

Click on the links below to access information about these noxious weeds that can be found in the M.D. of Peace:

Alberta Agriculture & Forestry On-Farm Energy Management Program On-Farm Solar Photovoltaics

This program shares the cost of investments that improve energy efficiency on Alberta farms. This enables producers to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions, ultimately reducing the environmental footprint of Alberta’s agriculture industry. The Growing Forward 2 On-Farm Energy Management Program addresses three important industry priorities.

  1. Increased industry competitiveness. When producers make investments that improve energy usage on their farms, the result is a more competitive, adaptable, and sustainable provincial    agriculture industry.
  2. Improved environmental stewardship. When producers use energy more efficiently, they are recognized as reliable stewards of Alberta’s resources.
  3. Improved energy management. Producers who install on-farm submeters are better aware of their energy usage and how to manage it to improve their bottom line. What kinds of projects are eligible? Eligible projects include (but are not limited to): – Construction projects that install high-efficiency equipment from the program’s Funding List – Retrofit projects that improve the operation’s energy usage per unit of production – Installation of submeters to monitor on-farm electricity and/or natural gas usage – More sector-specific examples can be found at

How are costs shared? For most items the program covers 35% of eligible costs, to a maximum of $50,000. Some items are funded on a square-footage or formula basis. The program also covers 100% of the cost for each applicant’s first three submeters. Not eligible are residences and buildings used primarily for non-farm activities.

Who can participate? Producers in Alberta with a minimum of $10,000 farm commodity or livestock production income.

How do I start? Submit an application to the On-Farm Energy Management Program complete with quotes for any equipment you are looking to purchase. Please contact the Program Office at 780-427-3819. For more information Phone: 780-427-3819 Email:                       Web:

Water Pumping Program

For a nominal fee, producers can rent six or eight inch aluminum pipe and pumps to fill dugouts or other suitable catch basins from nearby water sources. When surface water supplies run low, AARD’s (Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development) Water Pumping Program can assist in replenishing these supplies. Water Pumping Program staff will deliver the equipment to the site and offer technical assistance, safety advice and tips to ensure proper operation. Each producer wishing to use the equipment must sign a contract prior to use. Multi-producer pumping projects can be accommodated with sufficient lead time. Any Alberta agriculture producer that is experiencing a water shortage for domestic, livestock or agricultural purposes is eligible to use the equipment. For more information, please contact the Dispatch Location: J.G. O’Donoghue Building, Room 306, 7000 – 113 Street, Edmonton T6H 5T6 (780-422-5000) or use the toll free RITE service 310-0000, then 780-422-5000.

Wild Boar at Large Bounty Program

Wildboar photoThe M.D. of Peace Agricultural Service Board has entered into an agreement with Alberta Agriculture to offer a bounty program for wild boars. Any M.D. of Peace ratepayer who brings in a pair of wild boar ears to the Municipal office will be paid $50. upon completion of an application form. For further information, please contact Nasar Iqbal, Agricultural Fieldman, at 780-338-3845.