ASB Rental Equipment

Update April 30, 2020:

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the recent outbreak of COVID/19, the MD of Peace will only rent equipment to residents of the three (3) jurisdiction of the MD of Peace, MD of Fairview, and Clear Hills County with a minimum of 24 hours notice.  By providing 24 hours notice, MD staff  can properly sanitize the equipment prior to rental.

After the equipment is returned to the MD, it will not be rented for 24 hours to ensure staff have adequate time to do a thorough cleaning prior to the next rental.

The current listing all of the equipment available for rent is being updated at this time.  Please phone the Municipal Office to book and please note that all equipment in the MD of Peace is rented on a 24 hour period (daily rate).

The MD of Peace has a joint agreement with Clear Hills County and the MD of Fairview whereby residents of any of the 3 jurisdictions may rent each other’s ASB Rental Equipment. Each municipality holds various equipment, so please call our office at 780-338-3845 for information on what is available and its location.