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Fusarium Graminearum Testing

Grimshaw Co-op Seed Cleaning Plant is now taking cereal grain samples for Fusarium graminearum testing. All Testing Needs To Be Done In Advance Of Cleaning. There is no cost to the farmer as the M.D. of Peace is funding the Fusarium testing. Samples (labelled with name & phone #) can be left at the Seed Cleaning Plant or at the M.D. of Peace Office. If you have any questions, please call the Seed Plant: 780-332-4560.

Cleaning Rate for the 2023/2024 cleaning season: $0.89/bushel.

For information regarding cleaning, please contact the Seed Plant Manager, Kelly Diebert, at 780-332-4560 or 780-625-7722.

The Board members for the Grimshaw Co-op Seed Cleaning Plant are:

  • Keith Schneider, Chairman, Secretary
  • Klaas Sipma, Vice Chairman
  • Phil Bogner, Treasurer
  • Arie Loogman
  • Albert Wagstaff
  • Ken Herlinveaux, M.D. Representative