Each year the C.A.O. and Council develop a budget for the upcoming fiscal year, and once the assessment values have been received at the end of February from Northern Assessment Services Ltd., Council calculates how many tax dollars need to be raised in order to provide budgeted programs and services (municipal mill rate).

North Peace Housing Foundation annually requisitions municipalities and towns for a portion of their operating expenses; this is the Seniors Foundation mill rate on your tax notice.

The ASFF mill rate is the amount that the Provincial Government requisitions municipalities and towns for education.  The education property taxes provide a source of revenue for the basic education system.  Clicking on this link takes you to a fact sheet that explains Alberta Education Property Taxes in more detail

Residential and most commercial properties are assessed at market value.  The assessment is based on the physical condition and location of your property as of December 31st prior to the year in which the tax is levied.  For more information on assessments, click on this link for a fact sheet that explains property assessments.

For your information, mill rate comparisons for the last 11 years are available by clicking on the file below.  If you have any questions, please call the Municipal Office.

2021 last 11 years of mill rates

2022 to 2024 Operating Plan

2022-2030 Capital Plan