Development Permits

Development Permits

Any development proposed within the Municipal District of Peace No.135 requires a Development Permit Application to be completed and approved. Current application fees are:


  • $50.00 < $250,000 construction value
  • $75.00 > $250,000 construction value


  • $100.00 < $250,000 construction value
  • $200.00 > $250,000 construction value

Additional resources that may be required for development:

If your development is within ½ mile of a numbered highway, you will also require a development permit from Alberta Transportation.

At this time, the MD of Peace No. 135 is a Non-Accredited Municipality which means that the Provincial Government has authorized certain private companies to issue building, gas, electrical and plumbing permits in our MD.

A rural addressing sign may be required if your development is a new one. It must be paid for at the time of applying for a development permit. Once development has commenced, MD staff will GPS the location and order a sign. The rural address sign will be installed as time permits, once development is complete or nearing completion.