Public Works

Private Equipment Registration

The MD of Peace invites all equipment owners/contractors who are interested in providing equipment for Municipal casual work projects to register with the MD.

The MD is currently accepting Private Equipment Registrations for the period January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024.

Completed registration forms can be mailed or emailed to:

Municipal District of Peace No. 135
PO Box 34
Berwyn, AB
T0H 0E0



**Note that priority will be given to MD businesses then to surrounding local businesses**

Click here to view the Equipment Contractors Registry Policy

Click here for Private Equipment Registration Form

Ditch Brushing

The MD of Peace Public Works Department is busy brushing ditches. If any residents wish to preserve fruit trees/bushes on the back slope of the ditch, please mark the trees or bushes with orange flagging tape and contact the MD office at 780-338-3845 so we can pass the information on to Public Works staff.

Roadside Brushing Program

The MD would like to advise all residents that the Roadside Brushing Program is being undertaken for the following reasons:

  • to enable the full ditch mowing program to be implemented and to control noxious weeds
  • to ensure that snow can be properly winged back from the shoulder of the roads during winter
  • to prevent excessive drifting of snow
  • to allow for better drainage/water flow during spring runoff
  • to allow the road surface to dry more quickly as the snow melts during the spring or following a rainfall
  • to allow wide farm machinery to safely travel on the municipal roads
  • to provide clear visibility to drivers at road intersections to reduce accidents. It is the MD’s intention to eventually remove all brush from the road ditches. Permission will be requested if it is deemed necessary to remove trees from private property. Although we realize that the view may significantly change in some areas, your cooperation and understanding would be appreciated as the roadside brushing is completed in your particular area. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Barry Denison or Barbara Johnson at 780-338-3845.

The Public Works Department maintains the MD’s road and ditch network.  The Municipality has its own equipment, but may contract out large jobs such as major road re-building or large culvert replacements.

This is some roadwork done by our staff in 2008.

My beautiful picture  My beautiful picture

Below is the completed section of road.

My beautiful picture


Anyone wishing to have an approach installed onto their property must file a request at the MD office.  This request must be approved by Council, with the Public Works Foreman determining if a culvert is required, and if so, what size should be used.  The MD’s policy is that one approach be supplied at MD cost per quarter section. The standard size is a 12 metre top (40 feet) with bevelled ends.  For a 12 metre top, the culvert must be at least 14 metres wide, including the 1 metre beveled ends.


The MD will accommodate requests for backsloping of road ditches at no charge to the landowner, provided the landowner provides any additional land required at no charge to the Municipality.  Any fences present must be removed by the landowner prior to work commencing.

Snowplowing/Grading of Driveways

In order to have your driveway snowplowed by municipal equipment, the resident must sign a Snowplow Agreement with the MD and must purchase a snowplow flag, which provides one plowing.  At the present time, snowplow flags may be purchased at the MD office for a cost of $50.00 plus GST. When plowing is required, the flag should be placed at the end of the driveway and the grader operator will pick it up as he’s plowing the municipal road. A Snowplow Agreement is attached below for your convenience. For summer driveway grading, please phone the Municipal office with your request. Currently, the hourly grader rate averages $202/hour. Snowplow Agreement.


The MD of Peace owns 3 gravel pits.  Residents wishing to haul their own gravel may only purchase gravel from the MD if our loader is at a pit and municipal staff does the loading.  Once per year, usually at the beginning of July, the MD  hires a contractor to gravel municipal roads.   Currently, crushed gravel and reject gravel cost $11.00/tonne and pit run gravel costs $5.00/tonne. These prices include the loading charge.

Dust Control

The Municipality each year will arrange for dust control to be applied on municipal roads in front of residences, at the resident’s cost.  Please contact the Municipal Office if you wish liquid calcium chloride dust control for the 2023 spring season and an agreement will be forwarded for your signature.  The cost is $425 for 100 meters. Click here to download the dust control agreement: Dust Control Agreement