The Municipal District of Peace No.135 requires Burning Permits from April 1st to October 31st each year only in certain areas of the Municipality.  If you are unsure if you require a permit, please phone the Municipal office at 780-338-3845.  If a permit is required, we will complete a Fire Permit Request Form for the C.A.O. to issue a Fire Permit. A copy of the Request Form is attached here.  Fire Permit Request Form

The M.D. has a policy in place if you are planning on burning brush piles within 2 miles of a primary or secondary highway, particularly during the winter months when smoke tends to hang in the air.  A copy of the policy is attached here for you to view.   ADM 16 Burning Brush Piles

The M.D. has 3 volunteer fire departments that provide fire protection services to the residents of the Municipality and now has an agreement in place with the Town of Grimshaw whereby its fire department services the area between RR241 and RR225 of the MD with the acquisition of a 2016 Freightliner fire pumper which is stored at the Grimshaw Fire Hall. The MD and Town received a Community Partnership grant to partially pay for the tanker, with the M.D. of Peace supplying the remaining funds.

Brownvale Fire Department – Fire Chief: Trevor Gerk. Provides fire protection to the M.D. from approximately Range Road 241 to the west edge. Current fire hall is located in Brownvale and was built in 1986.

 Brownvale Fire Department

Strong Creek Fire Departnent Covered by Grimshaw Fire Department – Formed in 1983, with the firehall built on land donated by Jim & Eileen Manzer on the SE27-83-22-W5 in 1988. Fire Chief: Vacant. Provides fire protection to the M.D. from Range 241 to the eastern edge.

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Berwyn Backup Fire Department – Fire Chief: Don Black. Provides fire protection backup to Brownvale Fire Department.  The Berwyn Firehall in Berwyn stores the M.D. fire pumper as well as Berwyn’s fire pumper.

The three fire departments are always looking for new members.  Please contact the M.D. of Peace office at 780-338-3845 if you are interested in joining and we will provide you with the Fire Chief’s phone number.  The M.D. pays a $16.00 per hour honorarium for the volunteer service.