Municipal Development Plan

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan provides a framework to guide local decision making that is necessary to achieve the Municipality’s long term vision.

It will guide future land use, infrastructure, environmental, social and economic policy decisions in a manner that reflects the MD’s vision. It was also developed to protect the MD’s agricultural land base, rural character, and unique natural features found along Shaftesbury Trail and adjacent to Lac Cardinal while promoting its tourism and development potential.

It will also promote residential, commercial and industrial growth through sustainable and efficient development practices and standards.

The guiding principle of the MDP is that all future growth in the MD will occur in an orderly, efficient and economically sound manner. This will be accomplished by efficient land use patterns, protection of agricultural land and natural environment, and provision of municipal infrastructure.

The Municipal Development Plan was approved at the August 11, 2009 Council meeting.

You can access the Municipal Development Plan here.

The Municipal Development Plan is also available for sale, in book form, at our Municipal Office for a price of $25.00 + GST.