Community Wells

Public Notice

 Both McInnis Well and Brownvale Wellhouse have a bulk water system in place, whereby users (other than Hamlet residents) require a PIN number to access the water. To obtain your PIN number, an application form must be completed and a $50 non-refundable activation fee must be paid at the MD of Peace office in Berwyn.  A copy of the application form is available here: Bulk Water Dispensing Application

 A dispensing fee of $5.00/cubic metre at Brownvale (Brownvale water is chlorinated) and $2.00/cubic metre at McInnis (McInnis water is non-potable) will be charged.  There is an annual waiver of the dispensing fee at McInnis Well on the first 200 cubic meters for any residence located within the Municipal District of Peace No.135. If you have any questions, please contact the Municipal District office in Berwyn at 780-338-3845.

The MD owns and operates 3 community wells, which provide water to area residents at no charge.  The water is considered non-potable because it is not chlorinated.

Griffin Creek Wellhouse – located on SE10-82-25-W5, this site has a flowing well with an assist pump for the overhead truck fill.

McInnis Wellhouse – located on NW27-83-23-W5, this site was established in 1974. There are 2 wells, 25 – 27 feet deep.  The East Grimshaw Water Cooperative accesses water from one of these wells. As a result of the significant increase in the volume of water being acquired from the public truck fills, the Municipal District  has installed a metering system at the wellhouse, which provides bulk water for municipal residents at no charge (up to 44000 gallons per year). The M.D. has installed a system whereby individuals who would like to access bulk water will be required to obtain a 3 digit access code and a 4 digit PIN number from the Municipal Office. A bulk water dispensing fee of $2.00 per cubic meter ($9.09 per 1,000 gallons) has been set for all water acquired, with an annual waiver on the first 200 cubic meters (44000 gallons) for each residence located within the M.D. A $50 non-refundable activation fee is required upon the issuance of the PIN number. This change has resulted from the significant increase in the volume of water being acquired from the public truck fill.

McKenzie Wellhouse – located on NW22-82-23-W5, this site has a 5000 gallon check valve reservoir which is filled from the East Grimshaw Water Cooperative’s line. This reservoir, located near the top of the Peace River hills, acts to reduce the water pressure in the Co-op line as it moves down into the valley.  There is an overhead truck fill for our residents’ use.

Strong Creek Park – although a spring-fed community well is no longer used here, the M.D. is hooked onto the Shaftesbury Water Co-op line, which accesses water from the Town of Peace River.  This wellhouse provides water for use at the park.