Hamlet of Brownvale

The Hamlet of Brownvale, managed by the Municipal District of Peace, is located 7 miles west of the Village of Berwyn, just off Highway 2.  This friendly community with a population of approximately 140 originated in the mid 1920’s when the railway was extended from Berwyn to Whitelaw (ready for operation in December 1924).

At its busiest, Brownvale boasted 2 general stores, 3 gas stations/bulk fuel agencies and an equipment dealership.  Today, the Hamlet is mainly a residential community.  There is a very active community group that runs a weekly bingo in the recreation centre and a small library has just been relocated there as well, which will provide space for many more books. There is an agricultural museum located at the outskirts, and the M.D. has a firehall located in the Hamlet.

Water & Sewer

Most properties in the Hamlet are hooked up to the municipality’s water and sewer lines and recently, water meters were installed. 2023 residential rates are $40.00 per month for water and sewer, plus, an additional charge of $5.50 per cubic meter. There is a program in place whereby water & sewer can be paid annually by February 23rd, with a 4% discount given. There is also a truck fill area at the pumphouse, which provides bulk water for municipal residents. The M.D. has installed a system whereby individuals who would like to access bulk water will be required to obtain a 4 digit PIN number from the Municipal Office. A bulk water dispensing fee of $5.00 per cubic metre ($22.75 per 1,000 gallons) has been set for all water acquired. There will be a $50 activation fee required upon the issuance of the PIN number.

Bulk Water Dispensing Application

Animal Control/Licenses

Bylaw No. 4/2018 provides for the licensing of dogs and control/management of other wild and/or domestic animals within the Hamlet’s boundaries.

Annual Dog License Fees (includes tag):

  • $10.00 per dog if spayed/neutered
  • $20.00 per per dog if unspayed/unneutered

Dog Tag Application Form

There are penalties for dogs without licenses and/or dogs running at large.

For any further information, please contact the Municipal Office at 780-338-3845.