Municipal Cemeteries

The MD of Peace has three (3) cemeteries that it oversees within the Municipality .  For any information on available plots to purchase in any of these cemeteries, please contact the Municipal Office at 780-338-3845.  Plots cost $200.00 plus GST per plot.  In the case of a plot reserved for the future, a plot certificate will be issued for your records.

Berwyn Cemetery – located 1 1/2 miles north and east of Berwyn on the NE32-82-24-W5.  This is one of the older cemeteries in the Peace area, with the Municipality having the site surveyed and fenced in 1918. The first recorded grave dates 1917. This cemetery also has an area specifically for Veterans.

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Griffin Creek Cemetery – located south of Brownvale 5 miles on the NE30-81-25-W5. This is also an older cemetery, with graves dating back to 1917. Although the MD oversees the burials of the cemetery, the Griffin Creek community group maintains and grooms the cemetery.Griffin Creek Cemetery Mem Bessie

Brownvale Cemetery – located north of Brownvale 1/2 mile, this cemetery is located on the NW29-82-25-W5.

 The land was donated in 1943 and the cemetery has been in use since then.

Brownvale Cemetery

Brownvale Cemetery 2


Bylaw 6 2019 Cemetery Bylaw